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We have found it’s not the game or activity that is played, but HOW it is played that’s important. It’s not the equipment used in the playground but HOW it is used that is important.

Why Us?

We can guarantee that every member of our teaching staff is a qualified teacher, with at least 15 years experience teaching in schools and with an in-depth knowledge of activities and games that are played successfully in the playground.

Michelle Turner, founder of Playground Playtimes

I have been teaching for 20 years and I am still teaching now. With my experience of teaching in America, Australasia (New Zealand), South America, the Middle East and Europe, I have seen how important the playground is for every school life.  I have been fortunate enough to look at playgrounds around the world and have researched the importance of play in schools.  

25% of a child’s day is spent in the playground, so it is important that the playground is a safe, enjoyable, creative, physical environment, as well as a learning environment.

For the last four years I have personally selected a nationwide team of teachers that could come to your school and make a difference.

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