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Rushmere Hall Primary School:

Playground Playtimes was asked to undertake a playground analysis because of poor behaviour occurring on both playgrounds. They also met with MDSAs and fed back initial findings to the SMT. From the analysis and discussions, they made a series of suggestions for immediate implementation and some longer term goals. To a large part, the suggestions were acted upon and improved the provision for the children.

The report was very detailed and comprehensive. They were particularly successful in suggesting ways to engage MDSAs more in the management of the playgrounds during lunchtime. The report is still referred to in order for the school to maintain the impetus for improving play provision.

I would like to say that Playground Playtimes really managed to engage and inspire the staff and MDSAs, which highlighted their status on the playground. Their subsequent imput has also benefited the school greatly.

St Johns C of E School. Download Feedback Sheet

Hawthorne Park Lower School:

Excellent advice and strategies. Playground Playtimes worked with both pupils and staff to improve co-operation, games skills and helping each other

The report was excellent. We have used the ideas to help improve our playtimes.

Mrs Johnson.Headteacher.

Millfield Primary School:

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the day and the school has implemented the new games during the lunchtime break in particular. The staffing levels and rotas have also been changed to reflect the zoning (as suggested).

The playground has been zoned out and the front playground has also been utilised for KS1 children – particularly during the wetter winter months (as the field is generally too wet to use), which has worked well. All of this came from Playground Playtimes report.

The children gained enthusiasm and have more ideas of what to do in the playground with Playground Playtimes’s support.

St. Mary’s Prittlewell C.of E. Primary School: Charlotte Burraghs/Amanda Barber/Judy Potipher, Paula Hart/Sarah Baldwin, Teachers

A great day! Informative, fun for the children whilst showing them playground alternatives. Lots of useful ideas. The children enjoyed being trained as playground leaders. Great ideas that could be used as warm up sessions in P.E. The ideas were structured to meet the differing needs of pupils yrs 1 – 6. Our coach was well structured and gave a lively kick-start to playground games.

INSET: Good for staff to re-think playground activities. Gave us a lot to consider. Good to ‘see’ our school from an outsider’s point of view. Informative and interesting. Great ideas to restructure our playground. Ideas suggested with little need for new equipment. Pointers given to help with playtime organisation. Worthwhile and valuable. Positive placement of suggestions. Very useful thoughts on playleaders.

Dotshill Primary (Download Feedback Sheet)

King’s Hedges Primary School, Cambs, Mrs. Angel, Headteacher

As a result of the two day visit, we have made a huge difference in the playground. The children have loved the introduction of activities. The lunchtime supervisors were not keen at first, but have really changed their minds once the activities were introduced. The quality of behavior and supervision has really improved.

The report was the starting point for our project. Many of the suggestions were taken on board by the working party.


PlaygroundPlaytimes Feedback


PlaygroundPlaytimes Feedback